Boat allowed                                     

Bait Boat allowed                          

Surface area                                         



Number of Fish


Stock of Big Fish



Biggest Fish                 


Washing facilities                                 

Price per angler/week                    

Price full Lake Booking            

Price non angler/week   


Camper/Caravan possible               










Lago di Monzoro(X lake)


all year round



aprox 10ha


4-19m with several plateaus


aprox 800 carp


more than 100 Carp over 20kg 



6 Fish over 30kg


only toilets no showers




free of charge




Lake with a outstanding stock of old and big fish, not too crowded, natural

mature gravel pit, not a pay lake style, swimming forbidden

Spomb not allowed





From what we know the lake has been stocked the first time in the 80s’ and the population of big fish that resides in here today is largely coming from this first stocking of fish. Because of very accurate records of the last 10 years, we know that the lake holds approximately 50 carp between 18kg and 35 kg, where 5 of those have shurley broke the 30kg barrier and other 5 are just under that. Furthermore there are also around 60 carp going from 15kg to 20kg, as well as a head of 150 new fish introduced in the fall of  2014 that ranges from 5kg to 15kg.


In 2105 and 2016, some unknown fish of 19kg to 23kg have been caught which is a clear sign that lakes always hold some surprises, even when detailed catch records are being held. The lake also holds grass carp of various sizes. But the real thrill of this lake is to catch one of the old giants. I was fortunate enough to have this privilege on the 28th may of 2015. Landing a beast of 30,15kg mirror carp was a truly epic moment!!

X Lake differs in many aspects from our other waters we propose. You fish here one with nature. No prepared swims. Platforms and pontoons not available. No power for charging devices (you need to go to the clubhouse of the trout lake to do so). Even if the swims are numbered, the only thing you will find is the grass will be cut and for the rest nature takes its place.

The Lago di Monzoro is only 10km away from Milan. A visit to the city is recommended


Strategies at Lago di Monzoro

 We have made the experience to bring only boilies with us in 20mm and 24mm. You can start with at least one kilo of bait per rod. If you don’t get action promptly than stop feeding and maybe change the depth you are fishing in. You can also bring particles with you but this attracts the smaller fish or if you are lucky one of the big grass carp. The selective fishing with good quality boilies has proven to be the best. The lake is mostly gravely/rocky. There is not much silt. Because of the steep margins that go down quickly to good depths, these areas are often fished, but there are also some plateaus. A good scout with the marker rod here is paramount. Our advice is then to fish different depths around a plateau area to intercept the route of the fish. We advise a 0,40mm mono mainline with good abrasion resistance. Shockleaders and braided lines are not allowed. Rods of 12ft and 3lb or 3.25lb testcurve coupled with robust reels are here the best choice. Keep the rigs simple, and the hooks sharp. Fish here are not very riggy, keep more attention at your location and bait application


During our first 2 sessions, could we Italien Carp Lakes Team land one time 4 carp over 20kg and one just over 19kg and another time a carp of 18,5kg and a fish of over 30kg! The lake is a challenge and every bite counts in order to catch one of the monsters. There is no shower at the lake, but the clear and fresh lake water is more that good for a quick wash. Swimming is absolutely forbidden tough. Two clean toilets can be found at the entrance of the trout lake, one for gents and one for ladies. Keys for the ladies toilet can be found the clubhouse.

Spend your time at X Lake as one with nature. Don’t use noisy radios or generators, but we think that this is something that no one does anyway. Leave the vegetation as you find it and collect your waste. This can be left in the containers you will find at the trout lake. Please not that recycling is mandatory in Italy (metal/glass/plastic/paper/organic) so please use different bags. In the area of the trout lake there is the clubhouse where you pay for your stay and where your data gets registered. You can drive to the swims to unload and load your car. Then the cars must be left at the car park near to the trout lake. The complete area is fenced and secured. Clubhouse and toilets are open daily from 9am till 7pm. You will get also coffe, cold drinks, snacks and ice cream there. You can also get a ticket to fish the trout lake. You can also choose to take a trout for you or put them back. A big supermarket can be found 3km from the lake. Fishing from a camper or caravan is not possible.


The X Lake Lago di Monzoro / Prices per person


Week / Saturday to Saturday / 315,00 € (3 rods per angler)


Deposit at the booking / 90,00€


Non angler /companion / free


Arrival Saturday from 10am – departure saturday till 10am


Lago di Monzoro

Via Guglielmo Marconi

20090 Monzoro (MI)


jerry fish 30.15 kg mai 2015
moon oktober 2016 mit 28 kg
jerry fish februar 2016
18,7 kg oktober 2016
cathegoria 30.6 kg juni 2016
moon 30 kg juni 2016-1
jerry fish august 2016 mit 29,9 kg
olis common 23kg oktober 2016
boat 23kg oktober 2014
anastasia 24kg oktober 2016
roxy 16.7 kg oktober 2015
rain 20kg 2014
poseidone 17kg november 2015
KD 26.7 november 2012
honey 23.5 kg oktober 2014
goblin 20.5kg oktober 2015
goblin 21.6kg oktober 2014
Beauty 16kg Oktober 2015
devil 19kg
decadence 26kg oktober 2015
decadence 23.2 oktober 2011
belly november 2012
anastasia 24 kg juni 2016
18,7 kg

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